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Who we are

Our company operates in the building with works “turnkey”. Years of experience allow us to perform the work in a workmanlike manner. Our strengths are: Quality, Seriousness and cleaning.

What we offer:
Full and partial restructuring apartments, shops, offices and houses.
Full and partial restructuring bathrooms.
kitchen renovations.
Electrical systems with certificate of conformity ‘.
water and sanitation facilities with certificate of conformity ‘.
Heating systems.
air conditioning systems.
Natural decorations:
Fine finishes with all Graesan produced from Venetian Plaster, Spatula Stuhhi,
Spirito libero, Segui il tuo Istinto, Whait Paint, Gioia, Gold ….. ect.
Mineral fiber, lightweight plaster, metal allow to modify the acoustic environments improving the fire resistance, moisture as well as improve the aesthetics.
From classic ceiling plasterboard floor to various processes in multiple dimensions or steps, wave, time that are suitable for offices, meeting rooms, stores, shopping centers ect. Plasterboard walls the experience gained to date allows us to propose them as a true replacement to the traditional masonry wall, even for the civilian homes. The mechanical strength, absorbency phono, the shutter speed allow a considerable saving on the production times and reduce so the trace formation for plants. The possibility of including swing or sliding doors make the plaster walls true alternative to traditional building materials.
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