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Years of experience and decoration, allow us to perform works of art to rule on any media and in any situation. We are among the few that release Official certifications on the decorative Giorgio Graesan & Friends.

The Venetian plaster is a finishing technique with slaked lime applied with a spatula, to make on a smooth surface with antiflatulent marble. There are many names that identify this product: marmorino, Stuhhi spatula, smooth plaster, shaving, slaked lime, Venetian plaster, old plaster, Venetian plaster and lime putty. It ‘a very complex technique and in this case the DIY is not recommended because it correctly perform the Venetian plaster is an art. The Venetian plaster is a product that allows a pleasant and fine finish, typical of the Venetian history and the Venetian villas. Important features include the fact that it does not emit odor, is breathable, is fire retardant, does not attract dust and can be repaired and is an excellent anti-mold ideal for all environments. The Venetian plaster is a kind of decoration appropriate undoubtedly for elegant and refined environments. The Venetian plaster has a wide range of colors.

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