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Dry Construction Systems for Plasterboard – Impresaedileron.com

Dry construction

Dry construction is an innovative method that has revolutionized the way of conceiving the very action of building, involving the entire construction supply chain: by the legislature, the designer, the manufacturer and the manufacturer.

Increased resistance to earthquakes and seismic movements
containment noises
budgeted zero energy consumption, annual cost savings of € 2,500.00 compared to old-fashioned houses.
House allergic and free of mold and bacteria.
Well-being for themselves and family.
Added value for your investment
Times realizable content Ecological house that anticipates the European directives of 2020, the use of renewable energies.
Warranties and certifications qualifying.

Construction and Sustainability: an increasingly consolidated combination. Companies in the industry, following this trend growing steadily, offering solutions with energy saving and optimization of time and cost here is the latest news.

Dry construction systems
In dry construction systems, unlike traditional building techniques employing binders – mortars, cements, glues – the structures are assembled mechanically on site to functional layers: this means that all components to be assembled are directly provided by specialized companies already tested and with certification.

There are numerous advantages of using such systems, both in terms of optimization of processing times and costs: these are then advanced systems they provide excellent levels of energy saving.

Dry Construction Systems for Plasterboard

Plasterboard is the ideal solution to exploit the available spaces in civil or industrial environments, through the creation of partition walls, ceilings, façade cladding and perimeter walls. It ‘a material consisting of a layer of plaster enclosed between two sheets of special cardboard which allows to optimize the space at very low costs, also due to its speed of laying in work.
The plasterboard sheets may have different thicknesses and be made with compounds which enhance certain features such as the earthquake-proof, the flexibility, the ability of sound insulation, resistance to heat, moisture or impact. The remarkable lightness of the plates, guarantees the reduction of the weights on the structures at much lower loads than a conventional partition, ensuring the same performance with less stress to the supporting structures.
Given the multiple properties gypsum is increasingly used in modern buildings, both in new construction and refurbishment. Our company is available to find the solutions best suited to make the most of the space available in your home, your office or your company, with the prospect of getting the best efficiency and functionality.