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Segui il Tuo ISTINTO …

Years of experience and decoration, allow us to perform works of art to rule on any media and in any situation. We are among the few that release Official certifications on the decorative Giorgio Graesan & Friends.Segui il Tuo ISTINTO creates relief surfaces and polished.

You can get the finishes Stone Split, Smooth Stone, Lived Stone, Carved Stone, Cement Natural, Bamboo and Zen Stone.
It should be finished with Cera del Vecchio consists of soaps and beeswax or Joy is an acrylic finish.
It ‘a material coating based on lime, powders of different sizes Marble and natural minerals. Easy to apply, it has excellent filling power and is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria. Perfectly stable over time, it ensures breathability properties thanks to its excellent permeability to water vapor.

Detailed quote with no surprises!

Do not trust no clear estimates, with us you can have a detailed report of the work and its cost per square meter. We work in a serious daily to always offer the best at the best price.