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Complete or Partial Renovations of Houses – Impresaedileron.com

Complete renovations to the house and individual rooms in Genoa and Province

Our company is specialized in the complete or partial renovation of houses, apartments, shops and individual rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices etc. Our experience in the restructuring of Genoa and Province and industry knowledge enables us to provide an efficient service and high quality. We also deal with the design, the processing of applications and the implementation and certification of all the electrical and plumbing.

Anything that involves the renovation of a house, it is complete or partial, we can manage it from start to finish, without the customer should be concerned to personally solve the problems concerning the various jobs. We offer a service restructuring keys in hand which we think of everything. With our advice you can take full advantage of tax incentives on building renovations. The only thing that is required to make to our customers, in order to kick off the proceedings, is to approve the project that will be based on the ideas expressed by him.

The satisfaction of our customers is your guarantee!

Over the years we have operated in restructuring especially in Genoa and surroundings. Working in a highly competitive market has prompted us to offer a quality of work more and more attentive to detail and to customer needs, at a very competitive cost. What we propose is our experience and expertise in restructuring the best balance between quality and price in the market!

Just send us an email or fill out the form located on the right or on the contact page to request a detailed quote with no surprises. The price you get will be the final one, except of course any changes and changes of preference on the project before or during work.

Detailed quote with no surprises!

Do not trust no clear estimates, with us you can have a detailed report of the work and its cost per square meter. We work in a serious daily to always offer the best at the best price.